Friday, November 2, 2012

Select Oklahoma Homeland Grocery Stores: Doubling 3 Like Coupons Per Transaction

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The Homeland grocery stores in Muskogee, Duncan, Ardmore and the store on S. Penn in Oklahoma city will be doubling 3 like coupons per transaction.  This promotion will go through Dec. 31, 2012.

Homeland normally doubles the first like coupon up to $1.  Meaning if you have a $1 off Kraft Cheese coupon, it will double and take $2 off when you check out.  If you have a second $1 off Kraft Cheese coupon, it will only take off $1.

However with the current promotion at the select Homeland store, you will be able to double 3 like coupons per transactions.  Meaning your first three $1 off Kraft Cheese coupons will double and take off $2 each (for $6 total).  Any like coupons after the first 3 will take off face value.  

With all the holidays coming up, we should see some great sale and coupons.  It may be worth the trip to the S. Penn store if the sales/coupons are awesome.  I don't post store sale match-ups, but there are a couple of local coupon bloggers such as Simple Saving Savvy, Coupon Princess, and Coupon Closet that do.  If there's an awesome week, I'll post the link so can head over there to check them out.  Remember, Homeland sales week runs from Wednesday - Tuesday. 

You can find Homeland's coupon policy here.

Thanks Simple Saving Savvy!

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